The  Rubbing  House.....where they rubbed down the horses after the race 


Her Majesty the Queen shares her Birthday, week ending the...... 26th April 2009, with the ' Rubbing House'.... explained.
Sheikh Mohammed's Darly Stud  enterprise  has generously  distributed  to  their friends,   family   and supporters  their
latest Diary.    Its  beautifully  covered  in silk and suede,  the royal blue colours  are embossed   on the  cover   and  the
text  is in silver leaf .   A very elegant "racing companion",  it   has  horse-phrasing terms , from the world of thoroughbred
racing,  which, for almost   three centuries  have  enriched the  English   language with its  figures  of speech, ' pinhooking,
dead heat,  kick on, dark horses etc... these are words and expressions that are now commonplace   but each with a story
that has been obscured  by the passing  of the years......This   diary  has the  'inside track' on the  .. best .. racing   ...terms

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