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Epsom's most famous Pub/ Restaurant

Enquiries Tel: 01372 745050

"Best pint of Guinness outside of Ireland"

Honoured to represent Great Britain's best places

Included in Sheikh Mohammed's Diary, on the occasion
of Her Majesty the Queen's Birthday

Open      11am-11pm      Monday-Saturday

12 - 10:30pm    Sunday

Fresh food served all day

"The only Pub in the world on a racecourse"

" We have Staff vacancies"

Home made Moussaka
Succulent Pheasant    with Madeira,
and    home made   Game Pie,   King
Scallops , Coq au Vin,   Mussels,
     see below

The Rubbing House , Langley Vale ,
Epsom , Surrey   KT18 5LJ
Telephone . 01372  745050

"Being so near London,  and surrounded,
as they are with pleasant villages, and
being in themselves perfectly agreeable,
the ground smooth, soft, level and dry, they
conspire to make the most delightful spot of
ground, of that kind in all this part of Britain
" The Downs "   Daniel Defoe      1660 - 1731

Some additions to the Menu
served when available

Pheasant with Madeira

Pheasant cooked slowly, with Madeira, mushrooms,
onions and bacon to create a rich sauce.
Served with Mashed potatoes and seasonal vegetables
this Product contains bones and may contain shot

Game Pie

Containing a mixture of pheasant, rabbit, venison
and bacon in a rich red wine sauce
and topped with puff pastry. Served with Celeriac
mash potatoes, peas and red cabbage.
This Product may contain shot

Coq au Vin

Classic Chicken and red wine stew, with smoked
Bacon Lardons, Button Onions and Mushrooms, served with
Mashed Potatoes and Peas.

Fresh Delice of Smoked Haddock

Topped with Poached Egg and Bearnaise sauce
Served on a bed of mashed potatoes and accompanied by pan-fried cherry tomatoes

Italian Beef

Tender pieces of beef braised slowly
in a Red wine and Tomato sauce with fresh rosemart and yellow peppers. Served with Mashed potatoes and seasonable vegetables


Cooked with white wine, onion, garlic, corriander, celery
and a splash of cream. Served with crusty bread and chips.

Swordfish Steak

Char grilled,served with new potatoes,
seasonal vegetables and topped with a spicy mango salsa.

Succulent Sirloin Steak

" Succulent Sirloin "

King Prawns

" King Prawns "

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Telephone 01372 745050

Enquiries by telephone only

The Rubbing House, 34 Langley Vale,
Epsom Downs, Surrey. KT18 5LJ .

"The pub is a much loved landmark of Epsom Downs,
a unique piece of Victorian architecture which
has been part of people's race day memories for hundreds of years"

Jeremy Harte curator Bourne Hall Museum